Monday, March 16, 2020

The “Black Hole” that is Ufology

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A lot of time has been spent or wasted on UFO hoaxes and nonsense and continues to be so in 2020: Roswell still, Aztec, Ancient astronauts, and others that you can suggest surely.

But what about such intense remembrances as that of John Keel? Yes, he was a light in the darkness of ufology or seemed to be.
But within his nature, inside his being, was a demented germ, a psychopathology that eventually took him from a kind of sanity into full-blown madness, as his late UFO material indicates.

That UFO advocates still rave about him and his work – all of it besmudged by his inherent dementia – goes to the heart of why UFOs and “ufology” are not taken seriously or seen as worthy of real research.

The contactees did this to the flying saucer sightings of the 1950s and Keel, himself a kind of contactee, did the same, and still beclouds the UFO matter by acolytes of his nonsense about The Mothman and something intruding on his mind and being in his last days.
Then there are the Men in Black, those “mythological intruders” who have never really been evidenced, by photo or any other kind of substantive actuality.
 UFOs have been encrusted by subsidiary madness during all of their appearances and even today when UFOs are less intrusive than have been in the past.

With the demise of the few serious UFO researchers or the silence of UFO buffs who’ve become rancid with age and boredom about the topic, the phenomenon, UFOs have sunk into the miasma much as the ‘information” disappearance within Black Holes bemoaned by Stephen Hawking et al.

Forget about John Keel, MIBs, those contactee nuts, or those conference attendees who have social needs that are neurotic in nature, and all those UFO enthusiasts who clog Facebook with pages of effluvia or the dregs of their personal existence about which most of us have little or no care.

Get on with a search for a real answer to the UFO phenomenon. That may be important, or not. We’ll have to see.



Unknown said...

Is the "madness" subsidiary, or is it the very core of the phenomenon? The Trickster seems to have his paws in every area of the anomalous/paranormal. Strip away the seeming absurdity, and I'm not sure any UFO phenomenon is left. I think that's the beauty of things like Roswell - literally every aspect of the phenomenon is present, and I don't believe this is any accident; I believe this is the phenomenon (whatever it may be, but surely an intelligence) in its full, designed glory.

RRRGroup said...


I think you're on point, but for me The Trickster is "divine" -- a god or God.

Or we're being managed by a gamester, a kind of trickster.